Mixer RGB is a UP42 block which takes photos from a satellite and generates RGB georeferenced images using formulas provided by the user as parameters. The output can be opened in standard images viewer as well as GIS tools like QGIS or ArcGIS. It produces RGB GeoTIFF file generated from provided formulas in „red„, „green„, „blue„ parameters for selected „satellite„.

This tool can be used to:

  • generate simple visualizations of observed data,
  • visualize various indexes, such as NDVI or EVI,
  • visualize data as pseudocolors.

Supported input blocks are:

  • Landsat-8 Level 1 (TOA) AOI clipped
  • Pléiades Download
  • Pléiades Streaming
  • Sentinel-1 L1C GRD AOI clipped
  • Sentinel-2 L1C MSI AOI clipped
  • Sentinel-2 L1C MSI Full Scenes
  • Sentinel-2 Level 2 (BOA) AOI clipped
  • SPOT 6/7 Download
  • SPOT 6/7 Streaming
  • WorldDEM 90m BBOX – Clipped